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Squatchland II: Under the Sign of the Crooked Snake” is the continuing story that began with the “Mystery of the Iatt Lake Monster-Revealed!” where author David Hollis discovered a tribe of Bigfoot creatures living across the street where he lives.

In the book, Hollis takes the readers to five different creek valleys to identify and meet the five local Clans and five different types of creatures he calls Bigfoots: Bigfoot, Sasquatch (not the same) Skunk Apes, Vegetarian Bigfoot and Unknown Bi-Peds. Exposing the true nature of Bigfoot creatures, he reveals their habits, hunting tactics, tools, weapons and mode of living, with many pictures showing the five different clans.


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The Mystery of the Iatt Lake Monster—Revealed!: Squatchland—the Dartigo Creek Valley Project


In the least populated and most rural parish in Louisiana, the author chose to retreat from the world. After experiencing deaths of two close family members and then experiencing flood, David decided to get away and experience nature to heal. That is when he discovered a tribe of Bigfoots. After having a violent initial encounter with them, David gained their respect and friendship. He communicated and interacted with them every day.

The author took pictures of them and read the Bible to them daily as they had made camp on his land across the road from his house. David also took us deep into the woods to an area that had three crooked creeks that wind creating oxbows, swamps, islands, and marshes. Dammed by beavers, the three creeks merged into one and became a major tributary of Iatt Lake, which is surrounded by the Kisatchie National Forest, hence the title The Mystery of the Iatt Lake Monster—Revealed!

The author included many photographs showing what looks to be upright-walking creatures in varying scenes—but mostly around water with beautiful swamp scenes, showing cypress trees with spanish moss and clean, clear water. The author took us on his path through discovery, making friends, the discussion of the pictures, and what the author sees in them and left the door open for the future as he has been having this experience every day. Get yours in Gloss only from Xlibris.com.