Squatchland II



I began writing this book within a month of writing my first book, Squatchland: The Mystery of the Iatt Lake Monster—Revealed!, which told of my moving to Central Louisiana in the fall of 2016, and within months, I experienced a violent encounter with a large male Sasquatch after I feared that my dog had been nabbed by them. After making my intentions clear, I was able to retrieve my dog and build respect as I was fearless in the face of danger as I experienced a tree push down, a bluff charge through the brush, and a standoff. I told the big male Sasquatch that I was not scared and that we could become good friends if he doesn’t hurt my dog.

The next day, I worked on finding where they slept during the day so that I could get a picture of them. Within a week, I had made my way down to the swamp where they sleep on islands out in the swamp. This swamp is created by three crooked creeks that wind together to form a large clean and clear swamp dammed by a mile-wide beaver dam with a waterfall forming one creek. When I approached the swamp, I found an eighteen-inch footprint filling up with water. Then I took what may be the best picture I have taken so far, the picture of a female Sasquatch with a baby on her side.

Then I began making friends with a Sasquatch I named Brutus. I learned that there are differences in the types of what I call Bigfoots in general. Brutus is eight feet tall and weighs around seven hundred pounds. As my friendship with Brutus grew, I noticed Bigfoots start paying more attention to me and wanting to be seen and acknowledged also. Now they have followed me to my house on the other side of the parish, confirming to me that they all talk to one another and the word has gotten out about me, even though I moved more than thirty miles away! After taking hundreds of pictures daily from my front porch, I finally went across the road to see and meet them. That is where my new story begins.


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